Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

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Exceptional check and document collections!

Many delivery companies offer you check and document collections but how many times has it happened to you that they have lost it? Or they don’t have any verification of any sort that may save you any future troubles. Or maybe you didn’t have an option for any other service and ended up stressing over the safety of your check and documents! Fortunately for you, Rapid delivery service offers reliable and safe check and documents collection service in UAE!

We offer to pick your checks and documents and deliver them to you safely or on any other schedules day that you desire! You no longer need to worry about getting to collect your checks or documents; we will do that for you!

Check Collection in UAE!

You may be running a business or so, or you may be anticipating collecting a check but you are too busy to do so. No problems; we offer you check collection in UAE! Rapid delivery service is a fast, convenient and effective way to collect your cheques! We ensure safety and guarantee of working through them! Our service includes

  • Collecting your check from the desired location
  • Taking a signature and verification from the sender
  • Add a tracking code to your check so you know where it stands
  • Deliver it to the nearest branch of your bank and deposit it
  • Make sure to take a signature and keep the receipts and copies
  • Deliver the receipts to you along with taking a signature
  • We make sure that your check remains in one hand only and is not transferred to many people
  • We ensure the safety of your check
  • We ensure that your details are kept confidential

Document Collection in UAE!

Documents are likely to make or break a person and losing them to a delivery company is certainly the worst feeling ever. With Rapid Delivery Services UAE, you do not need to worry about that at all since we offer safe and reliable document collection in UAE! We make sure that all your collected documents are safe and in our hands only! Our services include

  • Collecting documents and taking a signature from the sender
  • Putting a tracking device so that you can track your documents
  • Offering you delivery of your documents same day or any other time of the day
  • Giving you an option to whether drop them off somewhere else or to you
  • Make sure your documents are in a safe place always

We make sure to keep your checks and documents safe when we collect them so that you can get them back in impeccable condition and do not need to waste your time!