Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

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Available careers in courier services!

Rapid delivery service is one of the leading delivery services in UAE. We offer delivery and courier services like no one else in the area. Our reliability, quick service and customer care service has made us one of the favorites of many customers!

Our constant aim is to provide satisfaction our clients and make sure that they return with a smile when they are done dealing with us. Our team is a bunch of people that work in coordination and though different, they are all responsible, passionate, professional and hardworking!

We offer careers in courier service to people out there and guarantee that working with us is very smooth and easy as long as you possess hardworking qualities!

Our team’s tips to retain customers!

Our team continues to strive in making our customers happy so that they always come back to Rapid delivery service. We win our customer’s hearts with trust and reliability but here are a few tips to retain our customers!

  • We make sure that our first impression is honest and kind which later forms into a bond
  • We always show appreciation to our customers. Thanking them and making them feel important are very important to us
  • Our associates are treated like family and neighbors.
  • We provide our customers with direct answers along with additional information and make sure to sort out their query completely
  • We have made it mandatory to greet customers with a smile and healthy greeting
  • We make it very important to listen to our customer’s complaints and follow them to make it the best
  • We make sure to thank our employees for being a part of our family too!

Tips to be a good courier person!

We offer careers to those who want to be a good courier person and want to pursue this as a career! Here a few tips to become a good courier person and work with us!

  • You can’t downright ask for tips! Make sure that you do not ask for tips, it sounds greedy and unprofessional
  • There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s okay to make short conversations with the customers
  • Never take anything too personally. Even if somebody is being offensive, make sure to keep in mind that they are pointing to the company and not to you directly
  • Always be well dressed. Take care of your hygiene, wear perfume, take a shower and wear clean clothes always
  • Love the pets of customers that are outside. Be friendly to them and don’t hush them away
  • Always greet the customers with the nicest and brightest smile you have!  

Follow these tips and tricks to be a successful courier person and work with rapid delivery service!