Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

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Technique to calculate cost of parcels!

There are uncountable courier services all over the world that offer delivery one way or the other. Rapid delivery service is different in a way that with everything we do, we make sure that it is satisfactory to our customers and our customers are not uncomfortable. Our aim is to make our customers happy and carefree while handing over their parcels for delivery to us.

When we take a parcel, we make it safe and fully packaged according to its requirement and then take a step forward to work on sending it to the recipient. This ensures that the parcel remains safe throughout and it is delivered in impeccable condition. Our confidentiality has earned the trust of many people and continues to do so.

We calculate cost according to the parcel and try to make it as convenient to our customers as possible.

Factors that calculate parcel cost!

Within UAE, we make sure to charge as low as possible with the highest quality and best service, but once you decide to send the parcel internationally, you need to get ready of the fact that it will cost you a couple bucks extra. Many factors are influenced which combine to calculate parcel cost. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • The air freight or the money for cargo. This is something that airlines take and this cannot be avoided by anyone including us. You need to pay their fee to send your parcel internationally.
  • The packaging. The packaging that is according to the parcel is also additionally done which makes fragile parcels a little more expensive than the regular ones
  • The customs and document work may charge a little extra and you cannot avoid this to send your parcel

How do we calculate cost in UAE!

Parcels going international have specific way to calculate cost in UAE that need to be covered. The basic formula we use LxWxH/6000 This formula determines the dimensional weight. A few things to remember are

  • This is the dimensional weight and you need to weigh your parcel to get a rough estimate of the cost
  • Dimensional weight is the space that your parcel takes up on the aircraft
  • The actual weight and dimensional weight work together to find the shipping cost!

Though, internationally shipping may be a bit more expensive than nationwide shipping, Rapid Delivery Service still guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in all cases and promises safe delivery of your parcel anywhere in the world! This is why we are dependable to our customers and reliable too!‚Äč