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Yummy Bosporus Recipes

The Turkish cuisines have influenced many of the cuisines of the different countries. Turkish cuisines are full of traditional spices with the very light touch of red spices. The Turkish cuisines mainly include rice and koftas or the stew gravis and also includes maize dishes. The Turkish people love to have dough based desserts which include Baklava, Kadayif, kunefe and other.

There are many countries with the Turkish restaurants to provide people the taste of Turkish cuisines in their own country. Turkish restaurant in jumeirah - The Bosporus is also one of them. Now you can try different Turkish cuisines while visiting or staying in Dubai.

The Bosporus ensures the taste straight from the turkey for you in Dubai. The dine-in and delivery services in different areas of Dubai making it a number one Turkish restaurants in Dubai. People from all over the world enjoy the taste of Turkish Cuisines in Bosporus and want to have the branch of the restaurant in their own country as well to try Turkish Cuisine anytime.

Different Cuisines Of Bosporus:

Turkish saladsThe yummy Turkish cuisines in the Bosporus include:

  • Turkish Soups:

Soups are the specialty of any Turkish cuisine. A lot of different variety of soups are available at the Bosporus to start the meal. Different vegetable soups such as Sehriye, Yayla, Mercimek, Tomato, and EZO Gelin are available to taste.

  • Salads:

Variety of salads can be also tried at the Bosporus. The traditional Turkish salads including Roca salad, Tuna Salad, shrimp salad, Feta cheese salad, chicken and classic salad cannot only make your taste buds happy but are also good for health.

  • Kids menu:

Turkish cuisinesHow can anyone forget the kids? There is a vast variety of cuisines, especially for kids. Kids would love to enjoy Izgara Tavuk, Mini Donar, Mini Lahmacun, and Mini Chicken Donar and of course pats with tomato sauce.

  • Starter dishes:

Before jumping onto the main course of dishes you must try starter dishes by the Bosporus which include hummus plain, carrot salad, kisir, Moutabel, chili salad with yogurt, olive salad, pensess salad and the list will go on.

  • Grilled meat cuisines:

Turkish cuisines cannot be completed without having grilled meat recipes. The Adana kebab, chicken Adana kebab, mixed grilled, grilled chicken, beyti kebab, Urfa Kebab are all made up of yummy and spicy recipes of Turkey.

Well-made steaks, stews, burgers, and hummus all can be enjoyed at the Bosporus at very affordable rates. Now you don’t need to crave for the Turkish cuisines when if you are living in Dubai. The Turkish Cuisine is in your country at the Bosporus.