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How to Choose Yacht in Dubai?

There are 3 Types of Yacht you will find in Dubai.

  1. Independent Yacht Charter
  2. Skippered Yacht Charter
  3. Independent Yacht Charter

    Independent Yacht Charter Dubai

    Independent yacht charter (also known as bareboat sailing) is when you hire and sail the yacht yourself. This is a way for qualified sailors to really get away from it all. It is also a great way to explore a new coastline. Being alone yacht allows you to venture to beaches and coves that are too cozy for larger yachts or groups of yachts.


    To charter a yacht independently you need a minimum qualification of an RY a Day Skipper Practical Certificate or an ICC (International Certificate of Competence). For Croatia, you also need a VHF radio license. The advent of GPS navigation and mobile phones has made independent sailing easier and a more common activity in recent years.

    Skippered Yacht Charter

    Skippered Yacht Charter

    Here you have to hire a skipper for charter at a cost. This is a nice way to learn the ropes without the responsibility. A skipper will encourage you to take an active part in the holiday or you can just relax and be sailed around! Employing a skipper allows for non-sailors or sailors to charter a larger yacht and go off on their own, to experience the same beautiful environment as other sailors, without formal sailing qualifications. Skippers will also advise you on ports to visit, where to eat and places to swim.


    You do not require any qualification because you hire a skipper to sail your yacht. Skipper is qualified, professional and experienced to sail yacht.

    Luxury Yacht Charter

    Luxury Yacht Charters

    This is a fully crewed ultra comfort. A week on board a luxury yacht or catamaran combines the freedom of a sailing holiday with the comfort and service of a luxury villa holiday. You will enjoy ensuite cabins and plenty of space on these larger yachts. Alfresco dining in the spacious cockpit areas is a unique experience. Cabins are cleaned each day and linen and towels are changed twice a week.


    You do not require any qualification if you go with Yacht. There is a group of qualified, experienced and professional skipper and hostess will cater to your every need.

    The above is the option you have to choose as per your requirement:-

    1. If you are a qualified person then it is better to choose Independent Yacht so that you can enjoy sailing in blue water. You will also save the cost of a skipper.
    2. If you are not a qualified person then you have to hire a skipper. You can also enjoy the entire environment without taking the risk.
    3. If you can spend lots of money then you should choose Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai. You can enjoy the climate of a sea with delicious food and luxurious services.