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Five Tips to Keep Your Rental Car Safe

After a long haul trying to book a rental car in New Orleans, air travel issues, and a stressful day pulling your luggage, excitement can take you over. Before realizing, you are on unfamiliar roads, held up in traffic, and the troubles continue. Amidst such commotions, it is possible to forget about the safety tips for a rental car.

If you don’t want to compromise the convenience of a car rental in New Orleans, you should observe safety measures. To avoid forking out more money to repair broken screens, stolen mirrors, or dysfunctional brakes, here are a few tips to help you.

Re-check Locked Doors

Re-check Locked Doors

You should always ensure the doors of a rental car are locked. The car keys might be different from usual. Therefore, double-check them before closing. You should understand the lock and unlock features of the key, whether it is a single or double-button key to avoid any mistakes. This safety check ensures your essentials are safe as well as the car.

Secure Parking Lot

You should park the car in well-lit areas to avoid any cases of robbery. The car park you choose should also have safety features like CCTV cameras and guards on standby. You should also avoid leaving the car in dark streets at night. High traffic streets are also safe for parking because they discourage any thieves. You never know who is checking. It would be best if you remembered, out of light, out of safety.

Know the Local Traffic Rules

An assumption that all safety rules are the same can spoil your entire holiday. Remember, ignorance is no defense. Therefore, you should know the traffic by-laws to be on the safe side. You can also cause scenes and risk your life if you don’t understand the regulations. Some traffic rules differ from state to state, and it is crucial to understand these differences.

Know the Local Traffic Rules

Hide Your Valuables

Avoid parking your valuables along busy streets because you can attract the attention of thieves. Also, make sure items like GPS, money, cameras, and music plays are not exposed. You might tend to leave your essentials openly in the car. Avoid doing so, or it may draw attention to those passing by. Make use of your rental car storage compartments to avoid risking your valuables as well as the vehicle.

Keep the Windows Closed

It is not only in Hollywood where thieves use devices to unlock doors of cars whose windows are open, but it is real. You can enhance air circulation once in the car by opening all the windows and turning the air conditioner on. Leaving the windows open will only give robbers an easy time unlocking the doors. Apart from that, it also risks theft of your valuable items.