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Five In-Demand Expat Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of Middle East's expat employment hub. The country houses to several international corporations with new ones cropping up ever so often. A human resource consulting in Saudi Arabia will tell you that IT, education, and healthcare industries attract a lot of expats who seek a high-income job opportunity. If you do have the necessary skills and qualifications, you can earn a salary that is worth your time and effort. However, make sure you comply with all the laws in the country if you wish to have a fruitful stay. The first thing you should do is to accustom yourself with the employment laws in the country. Listed here are some employment possibilities for expats in KSA.

Human Resource Consulting

Treasury Manager

If you have extensive experience in either the finance or banking industry, this might be a suitable career choice for you. With a yearly salary of over SAR 150,000, this job is enticing. Most banks look for candidates who’ve at least 10 years of experience working within the industry. Some employers also seek candidates with an MBA or ACA degree for this job.

Pipeline Project Managers

Saudi Arabia produces around 1/4th of the world’s oil. It’s no surprise that the position of a pipeline project manager can help you to earn a yearly salary of over $160,000. To qualify for this position, you need to have the required experience in project management. Most companies also put in a ten-year experience requirement.

Information Technology Managers

Technology and Innovation are at the forefront of Saudi's future growth plans. If you the necessary skills and qualifications to maintain an IT facility, then you can earn good money. A degree in either IT or a relevant engineering stream is mandatory for this role. If you are a candidate that ticks all the boxes, then you can get placed in a well-earning job.



A job in the healthcare sector can be a rewarding experience and a lucrative employment opportunity. A senior surgeon or physician in the country can earn as much as SAR 240,000 a year. Certifications are necessary for specialists, and most hospitals and clinics put a 4-5-year experience slab for general practitioners.

Real Estate

Realtors in Saudi Arabia can earn more than SAR 150,000 a year. If you have excellent communication skills and have a track record of maximizing returns on property, you can quickly get the job. You will require a minimum of 8-15 years of experience, coupled with a degree to pull in the salary mentioned above.