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Delicious and Affordable Food in Dubai Under Dhs35

Dubai is a thrilling dining location to visit, a busy city with unequaled multicultural cuisine. Providing the best to the food industry, UAE imports lots of Michelin-starred chefs from all around the globe and you can enjoy online food delivery information by Things to do Dubai, but know where you can look, and you will find invisible expat eateries like very small Pakistani canteens and Szechwan diners.

Pan-seared scallops

Traiteur's trained and experienced French chefs with classic taste in their foods have nailed the perfect scallop, offered in red blushed shells - caramelized and just a bit crisp externally, juicy and plump inside. Those who know will reserve a seat for Traiteur's fine eating out.

By: Traiteur, Hyatt Dubai
Price: Dhs95

Cheong fun

The Best Cheap Food in Dubai From the display of the neighboring Marina, this peaceful Szechwan eatery still handles to bring crowds because of its genuine Chinese menu. The authentic flavor is one of the major reasons this unremarkable restaurant has persevered up against the renowned and busy Americanized Chinese meals that are present at noticeable Dubai's hotspots. Thin wrapped rolls made out of grain flour, the cheong fun is an addictive appetizer produces a clean bite, with the flavorful and plump prawns tucked inside.

By: Homey
Price: Dhs28

Pink diamonds oysters

Our waiter instructs us that diners often cover the cleaned-out shells of BiCE's oyster entree to collect as a memento of the food. No surprise - with the pink tinge, the stunning shells are exclusive to the restaurant. They're not simply an attractive thing, either, with each shell, you will get the plumpest oysters this part of the Gulf.

By: BiCE
Price: Dhs34 each


Sure, there's too much to like about movie star chef Silvena Rowe's latest task, as the primary ocean-front location, and the wedding cake counter-top stacked with rows of uncooked and vegan sweets, but it's Rowe's egg shaksouka that will keep the foodie masses coming back. Lovely tomato vegetables and peppers, properly poached eggs, with a flick of creamy feta and chili mingle in a terracotta container for a dish that's just begging to be tackled with pieces of oven-warm sourdough.

By: Omnia Gourmet
Price: Dhs59

Carrot cake

FoodClubThe battle to discover the best carrot cake in Dubai may trend on, but also for us, the success is clear. An ideal accompaniment to the best-toned whites around, Lime Tree's significant wedges of double-layered, home-style carrot cake are delicious enough to talk about (not that you'd want to) and packed with walnuts and carrot shaving, and bowing beneath a good slathering of cream parmesan cheese frosting. This cake is worth trying.

By: Lime Tree Café
Price: Dhs30