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Additional Charges to Lookout for In Rental Cars

Getting a car on rental can be a fascinating experience. You get the total freedom to drive at your own pace and travel to the preferred destination with cheap rent a car Dubai . Whether it is for a personal holiday or a business conference or even a client meeting, nothing beats the thrill of driving your own rental car and arriving at your chosen place at your convenience.

However, before you sign on the dotted line of the rental agreement, there are some additional charges that you need to be aware of. Here are the three essential add-ons that can drive up the cost of rental cars in Al Barsha.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Typically, insurance costs other than third party coverage aren’t included in the rental costs. They have to be separately paid for. As per Dubai and UAE guidelines, third party insurance is mandatory for all cars, whether self-owned or rented or taken on lease. Hence it is prudent to check for the insurance charges that will add to the cost of obtaining the rental cars.

You may also opt for loss and damage waiver protection in case you need a protective net around you when (and if) the car gets stolen.

Personal Insurance

This is one more form of insurance that you ought to get (not for the car but for yourself). This coverage will help you get adequate medical attention in case of an unfortunate mishap. Many policies will already have this already built into the coverage. So, it makes total sense to check with the rental agency about the existence of this clause and if anything, extra needs to be paid for the same.

Add-on Charges

Going for additional tech facilities like GPS can also incur extra charges. This additional accessory can be pretty useful for international tourists who may not be well-versed with the streets and navigation in Dubai and Al Barsha. Check with your car rental in case you want additional features like this and about the additional charges that you will have to incur.

Add-on Charges Rent Car


Around Dubai, you will be likely to find a lot of toll plazas (or Salik's). The car needs to have a pre-filled Salik tag. This tag can come in handy to auto-deduct the toll charges when you cross a toll booth.

These were some compelling factors that need to be accounted for when you get a car on rental. Learn more about the benefits of hiring cars on a rental basis from known agencies.